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Birth trauma support

Definition of trauma:  a deeply distressing or disturbing experience, emotional shock following a stressful event or a physical injury, which may lead to long-term neurosis

How you bring your baby into this world matters.

Of course the health and well being of your baby is important, that goes without saying, but the health and well being of YOU is just as important.

Unfortunately the comment “you’ve got your baby what’s your problem?”  One you may have heard.

A traumatic labour and birth can not only affect you physically, emotionally it can feel as if you have been hit by a tsunami.

Not something you expect to experience whilst giving birth.

If your reading this then your expectations of birth and reality didn’t quite match up.

And that reality has affected you in so many ways:

Post-Natal Depression (PND) or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Anxiety and lack of confidence, insomnia, nightmares and flashbacks

Difficulty bonding with your baby, dislike or mistrust of your body

Hormonal problems

Fear of another pregnancy

Guilt at not being the mother you imagined you would be

“My daughter had been stillborn 11 months prior to me contacting Sam. She helped me through a combination of Tapping and Reflex Touch to get my body and mind working properly again so I was able to fall pregnant and emotionally deal with another pregnancy.

The first few sessions with Sam where so draining because I had been carrying a lot of negative emotion for the last 11 months. Sam managed to tap into that and help me deal with it to enable me to be happier and to stop it having a negative effect on my body. Sam was the first person in that time who really understood what I needed and helped me deal with such a painful experience so I could find inner peace and be more positive. 

Sam is such a positive and understanding lady. She really does care and want to help. Sam went above and beyond the sessions with me doing lots of research to help me. Sam has been the most incredible support to me and without her I wouldn’t be in such a positive place now. Thank you so much Sam you are AMAZING xxx”

At 28 weeks I had my daughter she weighed just 2lb. I had preeclampsia and had to have a C-section and didn’t see her for 3 days. All I had to say I had a child was a picture of her in an incubator connected to tubes. Took me ages to bond with her and sadly 35 years later I still had doubts she was mine kept thinking she was swopped.

It has affected your relationships with loved ones, your ability to work in the way you used to and how you feel about yourself, how you see the world and how you think the world sees you.

In a nutshell it has affected EVERYTHING.

Your experience may have been recent or many years ago. Time can create distance, a feeling of disassociation but how we birth our children stays with us forever. 


Medical science has now linked unresolved trauma to more long-term health problems such as;

ME    Fibromyalgia   Chronic Fatigue Syndrome   Depression

With my support, you can come to terms with your birth experience and heal the part of you that broke when you were hit by that tsunami.

My belief that our emotional self and physical body are intrinsically linked forms the cornerstone of my work.

We will work in one-to-one sessions face to face or via skype to support your physical body:

Balancing your hormones

Calming anxiety and stress

Teaching you effective antidotes to insomnia

Soothing IBS symptoms and other physical conditions

Giving your emotional self the space to heal:


Building your confidence in yourself and your body

Acknowledging your guilt and fears about the future

Teaching you effective tools to prevent panic attacks

If you are tired of feeling disconnected from your body and the world around you and you would love to feel like you again the first and most important step is our initial chat.

I like to call this our cup of tea and cake session.

We put the virtual kettle on, pull up a chair and have a chat, usually over skype or the telephone. During our time together I will ask you a LOT of questions so I can get a really good picture of where you’re at.

You then get to ask me as many questions as you like (I don’t promise to have all the answers but I will do my best!) and in case you forget some you can always email me afterwards.

I will then tell you if I think I can help. If I don’t feel my skill set or approach will fit your needs I will let you know. And if you decide I’m not for you or it’s not the right time that’s ok too.

If this feels right for you, email me to book your free no obligation cup of tea and cake session by clicking the button below: