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Welcome to my blog… here you will find health and well being tips, things that inspire me, an insight into my personal experiences and sometimes completely random stuff I find interesting!

Wonder Woman or little girl playing dress up?

  Do you feel like Wonder Woman or a little girl playing dress up? For a long time I ran around being Wonder Woman And Ioved it! I was proud that I could multi-task I was proud that if someone lost something I would be able to say “It’s in the bread bin” The... read more

Do you want to smash your alarm in the morning?

6/10 people in this country describe themselves as regularly not getting enough sleep Are you one of them? You know how rubbish you feel when you don’t get enough, how irritable you are, how daily tasks are harder, how everyday life feels less enjoyable and fun. Let... read more

How to Get Out of The Loneliest Place In The World

Yes, I did say place. For those of us that wake at 4 a.m. it IS the loneliest place, EVER, isn’t it? This time of day is so popular in fact, that over the 17 years I have been working, I have lost count of the number of times I have suggested that if everyone who... read more

We are ONE……………

I have long held the belief that we are One, Our mind and body intertwined, how we feel emotionally directly linked to how our body functions. This was demonstrated to me again when I worked with a client who I shall call Chloe Unresolved trauma of losing a baby can... read more

Mother and toddler groups’ hell on earth??

When I fell pregnant with my daughter after a 17 year gap one of my friends said “Back to mother and toddler group for you Sam!” I laughed and joined in the general banter but inside I was recoiling in horror You see mother and toddler groups were like hell on earth... read more

Hi, I'm Sam

Hi, my grown up name is Samantha, but most people call me Sam. First and foremost I am a mum; this fact defines me, my work and my outlook on life. I have two grown up sons 22 and 21 years old, their age says they are but do we ever really grow up? I hope not! And a daughter of 3 years old. I have parented with naivety and energy in my twenties and I am doing it again with the experience and wonder of a forty something.

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