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Whatever your story, struggling to conceive naturally or with IVF, miscarriage, difficult pregnancy, PTSD, PND or a traumatic birth, please remember you are not alone.

Below are the stories of other ladies who have been through similar experiences and come out the other side, I hope by reading them you may begin to believe that you can too.

I was just approaching my 39th Birthday and was desperate to have another baby. My daughter had been stillborn 11 months prior to me contacting Sam and I had seen my consultant who had put me on Clomid.

I had some fertility tests done and it showed I wasn’t ovulating. I couldn’t understand why I had fallen pregnant with my son after 7 months and my daughter after 4 months. I was very emotional from the loss of my daughter and then struggling to fall pregnant.

That was when a friend recommended me to Sam.

I had been seeing a (very unsupportive) NHS Fertility Consultant. It was awful having lots of tests done and being told I wasn’t ovulating and would need to find thousands of pounds for IVF.

I was willing to try anything, a friend recommended me to Sam. I had heard lots of good things about Reflex Touch helping with fertility issues.

Sam helped me with a combination of Tapping (EFT) and Reflex Touch to get my body and mind working properly again so I was able to fall pregnant and emotionally deal with another pregnancy.

The first few sessions were so draining because I had been carrying a lot of negative for the last 11 months. Sam managed to tap into that and help me deal with it to enable me to be happier and to stop having a negative effect on my body. Sam was the first person in all that time who really understood what I needed and helped me deal with such a painful experience so I could find inner peace and be more positive.

I wasn’t expecting working with Sam to have such a positive effect on my life and arm me with the tools I needed to help me through my pregnancy and life in general.

I am very happy now, I have a beautiful daughter for my son to play with and have worked through the emotions of losing my daughter.

I would recommend anyone who is struggling with fertility issues or who has had some kind of trauma that is having a negative effect on their lives to work with Sam.

She is such a positive understanding lady. She really does care and want to help. Sam went above and beyond the sessions with me doing lots of research to help me. Sam has been the most incredible support to me and without her I wouldnt be in such a positive place now. Thank you so much Sam you are AMAZING xxx


I had experienced two miscarriages the previous year which obviously devastated me. Knowing I wanted to have another child I booked to see Sam to see if she could help me.

I hadn’t tried any other therapy as i didn’t really know what else to do. It was only after a friend who was also a client of Sam’s suggested I called Sam as she had had such great experiences with her.

Sam made me feel completely at ease with everything we discussed and experienced in every session so i completely trusted her professional judgement in what treatment I needed.

Tapping really helped me “deal” with the miscarriages and realise that I hadn’t “got over them” like I had originally thought. It also helped me then realise I was now ready to start trying for another baby, something which I was putting off because of the miscarriages. I was able to completely deal mentally with my losses and prepare for trying to fall pregnant again.

I truly believe that seeing Sam regularly throughout this pregnancy helped it to be the easy pregnancy that it was and an extremely quick and easy labour/delivery. 2 hours from start to finish!

I would recommend everyone to see Sam even if its just for relaxation through Reflex Touch. My mum has made a 50 mile round trip for her sessions because i told her how good it was!

I am so grateful to Sam for all the help and advice that she has given me, Some sessions were like counselling sessions which really helped me “get my head together”, some were so relaxing I nearly fell asleep!

Either way, I enjoyed each one and would not hesitate to see Sam again in the future.