Hello Lovely, Welcome to my world…

I See You, I Hear You, I Offer You Love and Acceptance. 

My name is Samantha Selby.

I am the Astrological Energy Healer and Channel for Star Goddess Activations and creator of Ascension Astrology.

A unique combination of the ancient art of Astrology, transformational, deep healing energy therapy with down to earth coaching and mentoring.

I help women to reveal, heal, and activate their feminine energy, so they feel equally at ease in the “doing” and the “being”, experiencing more peace, joy, prosperity and stability in their lives.


  • I haven’t always been a Star Goddess, (she says with a big wink)
  • I haven’t always embraced my feminine energy and been ok with who I am 
  • I haven’t always lived my life on my own terms, saying No just as much as I say Yes
  • I haven’t always worked for myself, choosing my hours, 4-day weeks, 3 weeks in the sun every summer and school holidays focused solely on my daughter 
  • I haven’t always prioritized my mental and physical health 
  • I haven’t always been discerning with who I share my time, energy and body with
  • I haven’t always had money in the bank
  • I haven’t always had oodles of delicious clients that I get to spend my valuable time with 
  • I haven’t always embraced and openly shared my intuitive insights, my channeling gifts, my whoo whoo side

But I do now and it feels the most magical and joyous space to be in. 

Just imagine how fabulous would it be for you to have your version of what I call

Living an Illuminated Life

To meet me virtually click here and join my FREE facebook group Live an Illuminated Life, I go live in here each week sharing all things Astrology and Energy. Come on over and say hello

To join one of my Star Goddess Activations, click here, this will email me directly, and I will personally answer you with all the details of the next Energy Activation, it could be one of the Goddesses, Venus, Athena, Ceres, Juno, Vesta, Lilith or Hecate. 

These are channeled sessions and I offer them when I am guided to. 

If you would like to know more about my 1-2-1 sessions, Energy Blueprint Insights and group activations this is what we do inside these light infused spaces

  • Identity Activation, Discover and step into who you were born to be (Sun and Moon)
  • Communication Activation, unlock your Soul Song, speak your truth, share your message (Mercury)
  • Heart Activation, Self-Love and Receiving your new Super-Power (Venus)
  • Confidence and Courage Activation, goodbye procrastination, hello aligned action (Mars)
  • Vision and Abundance Activation, unlock your luck and follow your dreams (Jupiter)
  • Success Activation, it doesn’t have to be hard, open up to effortless ease and self-mastery (Saturn)
  • Soul Story Activation, heal your Soul Wound and embrace your Soul Gifts (Chiron)
  • Discover Your Purpose and Follow your North Star, step out of your comfort zone and onto your Soul Pathway (North and South Node)

I get annoyed by Instagram and at heart I am a techno dinosaur so I only hang out on Facebook (she says showing her age!) Click here for my profile

I look forward to meeting  you 

Love and Starlight

Sam xxx