I have long held the belief that we are One,
Our mind and body intertwined, how we feel emotionally directly linked to how our body functions.

This was demonstrated to me again when I worked with a client who I shall call Chloe
Unresolved trauma of losing a baby can affect us on so many levels.

(Names have been changed to protect patient confidentiality)

Chloe came to see me after her daughter Polly was born sleeping when she was 38 weeks pregnant.
She was desperate to fall pregnant again.
Her and her husband had been actively trying for nearly a year and although she had fallen pregnant easily with Polly and her older son, this time it just wasn’t happening.
She was seeing a fertility consultant and had been prescribed a high dose of Chlomid a drug that stimulates the ovaries.

Chloe was doing everything she could to ensure her body was in the best possible health, maximising her chances of conceiving.

She was juicing every day, taking supplements, monitoring her and her husband’s diet, having regular sex and taking her medication religiously. Despite all this her blood tests were showing she wasn’t ovulating.

And this is where, her unconscious mind, emotions and physical body demonstrated how connected they are.

Our unconscious mind is the part of us that runs the show.

The “thinking” part of our brain is just the tip of the iceberg, the real work being done under the water by the all-powerful unconscious.
We have to remember that

Our unconscious mind is concerned only with keeping us safe
 And actively avoids situations that may cause us harm

Losing their much loved daughter Polly was understandably traumatic for both Chloe and her husband.

Although they felt supported by the midwife who attended her birth they hadn’t received any other help afterwards and had just “got on with it”. Something I hear time and again in my clinic. Although they both wanted another baby, Chloe’s body was saying something different. Despite taking a powerful drug she still wasn’t ovulating.

It is my belief that her unconscious mind was doing its best to protect her from falling pregnant.

The trauma of losing Polly was so great it wanted to avoid the possibility of it happening again, at all costs.

The chemicals or hormones we produce and the emotions we feel when we experience trauma can get stuck at a cellular level.

This can change the way our body functions, how we think, feel and behave.

In order for Chloe’s body to start ovulating again we first had to address the trauma of losing her daughter.

Using EFT, otherwise known as Emotional Freedom technique we were able to do just that.

After just a couple of sessions Chloe said this;

“Sam, you are the first person who really understands what I need and you have helped me deal with such a painful experience so I can find inner peace and be more positive”

I continued to support Chloe with a combination of Reflex Touch (a form of Reflexology) and EFT; she started ovulating and fell pregnant.

Unfortunately she miscarried after a few weeks.

However, after doing a little more work together Chloe fell pregnant again and went on to give birth to a beautiful baby girl.

After giving birth Chloe said this;


“I didn’t expect that working with Sam would have such a positive effect on my life and arm me with the tools I needed to help me through my pregnancy and life in general”


Polly is the treasure after the storm, Chloe’s rainbow baby.


If this has resonated with you because of your own experience with birth trauma and you would like to know more about EFT why not download my free tapping audio and experience tapping for yourself.